This week was eh.

Hi my lovey dovey.

How was your week? I still have tomorrow’s poledancing to look forward to so it will hopefully not end as shitty as last week did. 

I wrote a new story; check it out: 

I am working on a new story that is based on Ben Affleck the new Batman.I have a good feel about this one. 

I gotta go and wash off my makeup, one moment

Aaaand I look like Im 12 hahahahha.

I signed up for Bootcamp which starts on the 21st of February. It’s every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday evening for 6 weeks. This is the Website

She it’s apparently very strict, has rules and set guidelines. Im up for the challenge and Ive heard she is really good so let’s do this :D💪💪

My birthday is coming up soon… I’m not hyped about it though:/ don’t know why but it doesn’t feel particularly special to me. Hahah im so dead inside.😂😂

If my father asks what I wish for Im planning on asking if they can all get together and get me a new nice guitar. I miss playing and making music. If mom and the siblings ask me what I want I think I’ll go for a Unicef hoodie. I really want one and a large amount of the money goes to charity. 

When is your birthday, love?



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