Friday – Hiphop in my head

Hi love!

I just wanna say something before I get started: My face looks so damn fleek and smooth in the photo I posted yesterday. Slay mommy, slay ❤ ^^

How has your day been so far?

I am working on a new choreo and there’s one move I can’t seem to get right. If I nail it, it’s gonna look hella dope but I need to figure out the speed and balance to not fall over. I’ll figure it out for sure.

I’ve been listening to khiphop all day for some inspiration in feeling. As you know by now, I gt most of my choreos based on the feeling each beat and each sound gives me. I just hope it turns out as badass as it looks in my head.

Daddy Dan wants me to take a photo of his shirt and post it here. Let’s see if we make that happen xD

Do you have any plans for the evening? Me? I’m attending a workshop and then I’ll hit the gym before going home.

Be careful of the weather, baby. It’s one of those seasons where everyone catches a cold.





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