Unplaned Haitus

Hi baby!


How are you? Me? don’t even ask, to be honest.
Alot of shit went down last week, a huge decision to make was dumped in my lap and it messed with my head big time.
Long story short; I had to choose whether to help someone else and put myself in the same position or to not help the other person but….
Because I was left to decide what the fuck to do, I was unable to sleep, unable to focus at work and it messed with my appetite.
The fact that I even had to make a decision as such… was shit.

I’m hoping for a better week this week.

I had on black lipstick on yesterday for the first day and I was kind of living for it



On less negative news, I have now booked my summer vacation with my mom. We’re going home ^^. Turkey, Antalya to be specific. We have booked place at a beautiful Spa resort called Porto Bello Hotel. 5 stars and all inclusive babyy!

I took 2 weeks off but the vacay with momma is only 1 days ish so I might have some time and cash left to take a weekend vacay somewhere quick.

speaking of which… I miss Korea..


Fitness Update:

I am the strongest I have ever been at the moment. I squat 90 kgs. I have one week left before my birthday so next week saturday is my due date to hit 100 kgs
I will fucking make it happen!

I have actually decided to not go to the bootcamp. There’s 2 weeks left of the bootcamp however because I have a one hour travel distance…I end up hating the idea of working out. Because I don’t wanna end of disliking working out, I have chosen to go back to just going to the gym 6 times a week instead. Doing what I love, you know.





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