Anastasia BH and Etude House

Hi baby!

Remember when I said that I ordered some makeup from South Korea…One of the items arrived this friday.

I present to you the Etude House Personal Eye Palette in Warm Tones



The pigmentation is REAL. I love it. The colours are not as creamy as the Too faced Sweet Peach palette but they are very easy to blend in, very easy to mix and match and to build up.


AAAALSO… I finally picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eye palette



I am shoooook! I thought I knew pigmentation but no ma’am. This shook me back to life!!

I can not waaait to try on some new looks with these! ^^






6 thoughts on “Anastasia BH and Etude House

  1. I’ve been lusting after the ABH palette for awhile! It always goes out of stock so quickly- just need to make the plunge and finally buy it hahaha but the price tag always holds me back! Red orchre and realgar look so amazing. And I love Korean makeup- they are cheaper and the quality is really good too!

    • Oh they really are good! No no, dont let the price stop you. I did save up for mine so it wouldn’t feel so expensive and impulsive though. If you can afford it and want it, do go for it. So worth it!😚❤❤

      • I will buy it when I next get paid 😭 it’ll be worth it I bet. I keep hoarding eyeshadow palettes hahaha I’ve still got my urban decay naked palettes that I barely touch!

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