Being away

Hi baby!

Im again very sorry for my recent absence; alooot happened. One of them is the rather horrible terror attack that took place here in Sweden which ended with 4 people dying and many more severely injured. The security has been stepped up but Im unfortunately sure it will happen again. This was just a warning. 

On less terrible news, me and my mom havr officially started looking for an apartment to buy and me and Nessie wi begin out YouTube journey soon. 

As a birthday gift, which I need to share, my friend got me the miniature if The Joker

Not my favourite Joker but Joker is my favourite so it still made my day^^❤
Aaaand here is some makeup that has arrived from Korea

Skin Food Peach Sake Finish Powder

Smells awesome and has a lot if stuff in it to add minerals to the skin^^

Tony Moly BCdation foundation cushion

I bought it in a shade darker than my regular  tone so that I can use it after my summer vacation~ The fact that it’s no more than 10000 won is awesome^^


After watching Edward Avilas video, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and buy the Pony Effect skin fit powder pact~~

I hav only used it once so far but it makes a huge difference! The skin gets velvety smooth finish and my oily skin stays under control the entiiiiire day ( I keep my makeup on from 7 am to at least 10 p.m).



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