A day before Ramadan fasting

Hi baby!

I have been so caught up in planning and preparing for this years ramadan fasting that I totally forgot to post. What I have been planning and researching was how and what I should eat in order to maintain my muscles during the fasting. I have finally put together a descent schedule for what I should eat and how I can eat enough to keep all the muscles Ive built. I will keep working out 5 days a week, you see. So this will be ish like a really intense cutting phase. 

I’ll post my schedule when I get home, it’s up on the fridge. 

I ordered a new setting spray from Korea and it arrived last week.

It’s the Clio oil control finw mist spray. It doesnt give a tightening feeling like the urdan decay de-slick spray does but it’s pretty good still. It’s half the price so I ain’t complaining. ^^

How was your morning?




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