Day 1 in Porto Bello

Hi baby!

We arrived at the hotel yesterday around 22.30 (an hour later than planned) after much frustration and anger. Let me brake it down

1. Our seats from Stockholm to Istanbul had been sold to two other couples AS WELL and so we got “standby” tickets without seats. Seats were not given to us up until the moment before the plane was gonna take off.

2. Somethin was wrong with the landing platform at our destination in Antalya so the plane didn’t take off until an hour later. Then, once we arrived in Antalya, we could not exit the plane because the staircase to exit the plane was gone…so we couldn’t leave the damn plane.

3. Once that was solved and we got to exit the plane like 25 years later, NO ONE told us that our luggage was gonna be brought out IN A DIFFERENT TERMINAL than the one we arrived in. Because we transferred from an international flight to a domestic one, our luggage arrived in terminal 1 while we all landed in terminal D (God knows what number that one was attached to).   And this information was not given to any of us until after we all waited by the wrong luggage claim for 40 MINUTES. I fought the attendant that had the nerve to say the info was provided in Istanbul. I got so mad I cursed and made sure HE KNEW he was at fault. Arrogant piece of shit. To top it off we were given wrong directions to terminal 1 and had to walk around for another 20 minuter until we found it and could claim our shit. 

Thank god the taxi driver that we had pre booked was still waiting for us even though we were so late.

Today was a somewhat better day 🙂 

We swam, sat in the sun and I even got two hours of napping in around 16 ish.

I chose to rest today but tomorrow is Monday and I will be hitting the hotel gym. I hope it’s not packed though.

I am super excited to donate blood and then do my lucifer tattoo after the vacation ^^



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