At the mercy of the shitty wifi

Hi baby!

How have you been? 

It’s been a few days and I finally found a spot by the corner in our hotel room where the wifi is decent so I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you. 

We have been around the city quite a bit; we visited the old town with the remains of the castle ( kaleici), uc kapilar, Atatürk’s house here in Antalya and a few different shopping centres( Mark Antalya, Mall of Antalya and Outlet Deepo).

Sorry in advance; Im on my phone so I am unable to edit the photos and arrange them properly. 

The  old watch tower by the castle

Uc kapilar

Atatürk’s house here in Antalya and some of his belongings

I finished reading two books during my vacay here, btw~

I really recommend The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to anyone who wishes to read a book with some spiritual guidance in it. 

How was your monday? Did it go well? I hope it didn’t tire you out too much. I hate it when you’re down :/

I’ll try to stand in the same corner tomorrow to post again.

Goodnight, my oreo cheesecake~




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