Missed my damn flight

Hi baby!

The wifi the nest morning was aa terrible as my trip home… -.-

The plane took off 45 minutes late from Antalya which resulted in me missing my plane from Istanbul to Stockholm. We landed in Istanbul 19.20 and my flight home was scheduled to leave 19.30… I obviously misses it. And yepp, tou probably guessed right; I had to wait over night for the next possible flight. Because it was the thw airlines fault, they paid for the new ticket and my stay at a nearby hotel + my meal that evening. 

What angered m the most is the fact that airplanes are almost never on time but the ONE TIME it managed to take off in time WAS WHEN I WAS LATE. I missed the damn plane by 5 minutes. I ran and was by the plane 19.35. 



Well, I was a bit mad but mostly glad I ended up “stuck” in my own home country. I was amongst my own people, I knew the language and thw country. If I needed help, I had family spread out all over the country that could help me. I just kept thinking “how scary or frustration must it not be to be stuck in a country if you know nothing about it and don’t speak the language nor english…

Oh well.

I landed yesterday 9.20 am and my dad picked me up from the airport and gave me a ride home. 

I am finally on my way to work now.

I missed the gym hahahahahah




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