Monday it is, then

Hi baby!

Im on my way to work and just had to share my chocolate lips

Yesterday’s pole training was so intense that I got bumps again ^^

It was fun nonetheless 🙂



New tatt

Hi baby!

I got a New tattoo done last Friday. It was painful but a more so powerful moment for me. 

2.5 years of waiting and I now have lucifer on my neck, reminding me to never fall for his games. And to never let others mistake me for anything but what I am; brutal and cruel yet also fair and loyal.

[Never forget the evil that lies within you rather than the one waiting for you below your feet. Never forget it so that you may never follow it’s wishes]

And here is the finished work.

It took a total of 5 hours and lots of grunting and shaking in pain. I did not cry and fought through it. Big thanks to Kevin from Ant Tattoo who made it so fucking dope. You can find him on insta at @kewinoart 

I definitely recommend that you check that place out; they are one of the most crazy and welcoming tattoo artists I have ever met. 



Blood donation

Hi baby!

I donated blood for the second time ever today~

I am very proud of myself for doing it and will keeo doing so until I am too old to. In Sweden, Only 2% of the population donated blood :/

If you are physically able to and want to make a small difference, please donate blood; it could save someones life.
I ordered a bunch of korean skincare masks and a new bottle of setting spray and they arrived today

If you have oily skin, I highly recommended the Etude House Skin Note Pore Tightening mask. I have never tried the innisfree ones so I cant say much about them yet. 

Ps. I order all of my skincare from ebay: same product, no shioping fee~~^^



Missing Sahur

Hi baby!

 Ive been rather bus trying to make my body get used to fasting and only eating at night. It’s been going well so far but I missed the time last night and was unable to get up to eat for Sahur (our last meal before the sun rises).  Being stubborn as I am, I decided to fast today anyways. Not a smart decision. I was dizzy, nauseous and in pain from the moment I get up. Half way through the day I almost fainted and decided to break my fasting and ate. 

The Quran (kuran-i Kerim) clearly states that if one is suffering during one’s fasting and is unable to bare it, one may eat and fast that day after ramadan. If one however simply decides to give up for selfish reasons, one must fast 61 days for every day they break. 

By selfish reasons, it means for example not caring,  giving up, wanting to skip it for an occasion etc.

At the end of the day, what matters is your intentions and motives. 

Choosing to eat, Ive spent the entire day feeling hatred towards my body for not being stronger and being disappointed by myself because I couldn’t finish my fasting. I started this year’s Ramadan fasting with the goal of having 0 days in “debt” to fast. The fast that I failed that mission makes me hate myself. 
Thinking that my mother would understand and encourage me to do better next time, I received nothing but a disappointed look and a sigh after being asked “did yoy break your fast on purpose?”

I didnt expect that. Thinking that she would be proud that I tried my best and prioritised my health, her cold reply made my eyes water and my anger boil. 


Took what I got

Concealer by ARITAUM  (my favourite one), first treatment essence by S Clinic and pocket bunny mist in Sleek and in Moist ( for different seasons). 

I have ordered some more and will make sure to post them as soon as they arrive.
I still feel uncomfortable and some pain so Im gonna lay down.



A day before Ramadan fasting

Hi baby!

I have been so caught up in planning and preparing for this years ramadan fasting that I totally forgot to post. What I have been planning and researching was how and what I should eat in order to maintain my muscles during the fasting. I have finally put together a descent schedule for what I should eat and how I can eat enough to keep all the muscles Ive built. I will keep working out 5 days a week, you see. So this will be ish like a really intense cutting phase. 

I’ll post my schedule when I get home, it’s up on the fridge. 

I ordered a new setting spray from Korea and it arrived last week.

It’s the Clio oil control finw mist spray. It doesnt give a tightening feeling like the urdan decay de-slick spray does but it’s pretty good still. It’s half the price so I ain’t complaining. ^^

How was your morning?



Anastasia BH and Etude House

Hi baby!

Remember when I said that I ordered some makeup from South Korea…One of the items arrived this friday.

I present to you the Etude House Personal Eye Palette in Warm Tones



The pigmentation is REAL. I love it. The colours are not as creamy as the Too faced Sweet Peach palette but they are very easy to blend in, very easy to mix and match and to build up.


AAAALSO… I finally picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eye palette



I am shoooook! I thought I knew pigmentation but no ma’am. This shook me back to life!!

I can not waaait to try on some new looks with these! ^^





Kat Von D – Too Faced collaboration

Hi baby!

Here comes the Better Together Collection ^^


I’m letting you ahead of time; Non of the photos in this post will be edited or airbrushed so you can see all the colors and shades as they actually are. 🙂


I chose to buy these two collab kits plus the kat Von D lock-it Powder because I ran out of setting powder and I have been wanting to try this one. Because I bought two items I got the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer as a gift (at Sephora)


They launched three packages; these two and one where you got the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced and the Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D. I didn’t buy the third one because I knew the same mascara and liner came with the box of the eye palette anyways.

You can find all three packages Here

First up is the Cheek and Lip Make Up Bag


In this adorable bag, apart from the cute as fuck bag, you get a blush and a highlighter from Too Faced plus two lipsticks from Kat Von D


That banana/strawberry mixed highlighter is a very simple and discrete.  Love it!
Those lipsticks are giving me liiiife!


Next up is the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection




Apart from the palette, The box includes a Tatto Liner in Tooper and the Better Than Sex mascara which I have not tested yet. My cheap ass is waiting for the mascara I’m using at the moment to run out before I put my  hands on that one hahah


The shade Darling ( Kat Von D side) is slaying me, to be honest.

They are all very pigmented and very creamy. Easy to work with and mix and match from both sides.

Apart from these two collections I also got the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder

I have been using this these past two days and I am loving it. The powder has a slight banana colored undertone to it which prevents the whitecast from happening. Love it 🙂



Bottom Line, I love it.


I  ordered some new makeup from Korea which is on it’s way. I’ll make sure to post them as soon as they get into my possession.


Enjoy your monday baby, I’m here for you whenever you need me.


Oh, I’m starting a new storyline, Btw. This one is gonna be long, at least 5 parts planned so far.