Need to snap out it

Hi baby!

I know, I need to get my shit together. Ive Been away for too long. You know when you hav something you really wanna do but cant seem to get yourself to do; thats how blogging has been for me. I have so much to say but the words just wont come out. It frustrates me to the point where I just turn mute instead. Im very sorry. 

I really hope you have been well ❤

I hit a new PR in deadlifts today: 62 kgs 9 x 3. Are you proud?^^

As an apology, here’s a photo of my face without makeup straight out of the shower

I’m on my way home now, I just finished my workout after work. I gotta go home and take a shower. 



Being away

Hi baby!

Im again very sorry for my recent absence; alooot happened. One of them is the rather horrible terror attack that took place here in Sweden which ended with 4 people dying and many more severely injured. The security has been stepped up but Im unfortunately sure it will happen again. This was just a warning. 

On less terrible news, me and my mom havr officially started looking for an apartment to buy and me and Nessie wi begin out YouTube journey soon. 

As a birthday gift, which I need to share, my friend got me the miniature if The Joker

Not my favourite Joker but Joker is my favourite so it still made my day^^❤
Aaaand here is some makeup that has arrived from Korea

Skin Food Peach Sake Finish Powder

Smells awesome and has a lot if stuff in it to add minerals to the skin^^

Tony Moly BCdation foundation cushion

I bought it in a shade darker than my regular  tone so that I can use it after my summer vacation~ The fact that it’s no more than 10000 won is awesome^^


After watching Edward Avilas video, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and buy the Pony Effect skin fit powder pact~~

I hav only used it once so far but it makes a huge difference! The skin gets velvety smooth finish and my oily skin stays under control the entiiiiire day ( I keep my makeup on from 7 am to at least 10 p.m).


Im sorry for my absence

But here’s a photo of the sign of the house of El and some bicep action before I head to sleep. I’ll explain my the reason behind me being away as soon as possible. 

Goodnight, my love! Sleep tight~~


Anastasia BH and Etude House

Hi baby!

Remember when I said that I ordered some makeup from South Korea…One of the items arrived this friday.

I present to you the Etude House Personal Eye Palette in Warm Tones



The pigmentation is REAL. I love it. The colours are not as creamy as the Too faced Sweet Peach palette but they are very easy to blend in, very easy to mix and match and to build up.


AAAALSO… I finally picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eye palette



I am shoooook! I thought I knew pigmentation but no ma’am. This shook me back to life!!

I can not waaait to try on some new looks with these! ^^





Kat Von D – Too Faced collaboration

Hi baby!

Here comes the Better Together Collection ^^


I’m letting you ahead of time; Non of the photos in this post will be edited or airbrushed so you can see all the colors and shades as they actually are. 🙂


I chose to buy these two collab kits plus the kat Von D lock-it Powder because I ran out of setting powder and I have been wanting to try this one. Because I bought two items I got the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer as a gift (at Sephora)


They launched three packages; these two and one where you got the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced and the Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D. I didn’t buy the third one because I knew the same mascara and liner came with the box of the eye palette anyways.

You can find all three packages Here

First up is the Cheek and Lip Make Up Bag


In this adorable bag, apart from the cute as fuck bag, you get a blush and a highlighter from Too Faced plus two lipsticks from Kat Von D


That banana/strawberry mixed highlighter is a very simple and discrete.  Love it!
Those lipsticks are giving me liiiife!


Next up is the Better Together Ultimate Eye Collection




Apart from the palette, The box includes a Tatto Liner in Tooper and the Better Than Sex mascara which I have not tested yet. My cheap ass is waiting for the mascara I’m using at the moment to run out before I put my  hands on that one hahah


The shade Darling ( Kat Von D side) is slaying me, to be honest.

They are all very pigmented and very creamy. Easy to work with and mix and match from both sides.

Apart from these two collections I also got the Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder

I have been using this these past two days and I am loving it. The powder has a slight banana colored undertone to it which prevents the whitecast from happening. Love it 🙂



Bottom Line, I love it.


I  ordered some new makeup from Korea which is on it’s way. I’ll make sure to post them as soon as they get into my possession.


Enjoy your monday baby, I’m here for you whenever you need me.


Oh, I’m starting a new storyline, Btw. This one is gonna be long, at least 5 parts planned so far.




Daddy is Serving!

Hi baby!

let me introduce Daddy John to you ^^



My boy is Serving looks  today!!

Don’t know what kind of plans daddy has for today but I think we can all agree daddy should make plans as such every day ^^


The images of the makeup will be up in a moment, I haven’t forgotten 🙂




Caught a fucking cold

Hi baby!

I caught a fucking cold and now my body is aching and my nose is stuffed. :/

BUT! Sephora in Sweden finally released the Kat Von D  Too Faced  collaboration products so my ass ran there right after work and picted up two of the three products

I ran out of setting powder so I bought the Kat Von D Lock-it setting powder to try it out ^^
You would this I run a Beauty blog or channel or work on clients judging by the amount of money I spend on makeup😂😂 nope, all for myself 😁😁
I’ll show them one by one when I arrive at home^^!



Unplaned Haitus

Hi baby!


How are you? Me? don’t even ask, to be honest.
Alot of shit went down last week, a huge decision to make was dumped in my lap and it messed with my head big time.
Long story short; I had to choose whether to help someone else and put myself in the same position or to not help the other person but….
Because I was left to decide what the fuck to do, I was unable to sleep, unable to focus at work and it messed with my appetite.
The fact that I even had to make a decision as such… was shit.

I’m hoping for a better week this week.

I had on black lipstick on yesterday for the first day and I was kind of living for it



On less negative news, I have now booked my summer vacation with my mom. We’re going home ^^. Turkey, Antalya to be specific. We have booked place at a beautiful Spa resort called Porto Bello Hotel. 5 stars and all inclusive babyy!

I took 2 weeks off but the vacay with momma is only 1 days ish so I might have some time and cash left to take a weekend vacay somewhere quick.

speaking of which… I miss Korea..


Fitness Update:

I am the strongest I have ever been at the moment. I squat 90 kgs. I have one week left before my birthday so next week saturday is my due date to hit 100 kgs
I will fucking make it happen!

I have actually decided to not go to the bootcamp. There’s 2 weeks left of the bootcamp however because I have a one hour travel distance…I end up hating the idea of working out. Because I don’t wanna end of disliking working out, I have chosen to go back to just going to the gym 6 times a week instead. Doing what I love, you know.