Computer still not cooperating

Hi baby!

How are you? My computer is still not cooperating with me -.-

The weather is shitty but I like it, how is it over there? I’m trying to keep my energy up so I can practice for those tests I mentioned earlier but they really are boring. Aa if that wasnt enough, I had some intense back pain these last couple of days so I stayed away from the gym until I subdued. I.REALLY.WANNA.GO.TO.THE.GYM.

On a different note, I’m wearing the shirt Nessie got me from Turkey

It says “Females are strong as well”


Apparently we have to move out asap because the guy who rented it to us wants it back… so no more stalling; we need to find a place that we are happy with and buy it. -.-

Im gonna go watch The Dark Tower today, btw. Have you seen it yet? I cant wait! Idris Elba😍


Blood donation

Hi baby!

I donated blood for the second time ever today~

I am very proud of myself for doing it and will keeo doing so until I am too old to. In Sweden, Only 2% of the population donated blood :/

If you are physically able to and want to make a small difference, please donate blood; it could save someones life.
I ordered a bunch of korean skincare masks and a new bottle of setting spray and they arrived today

If you have oily skin, I highly recommended the Etude House Skin Note Pore Tightening mask. I have never tried the innisfree ones so I cant say much about them yet. 

Ps. I order all of my skincare from ebay: same product, no shioping fee~~^^



My computer is having a moment

Hi baby!

Im so sorry for my absence. I have been stubbornly trying to post through my computer but it is refusing to cooperate so I have been unable to post anything. Enough is enough and I am now back on my phone. 

I have a lot on my plate lately. I decided to help my dad, for some unknown reason, with a few of his business issues which will be solved if I start an identical company an move over all of our assets from the current company to the new one. Sooo, I have to take a few tests to get some sort of permission to open a new company, 7 tests to be exact. I have also, aside from all this, started choreographing again. 

So besides my own work, gym and dance, I now have two other business issues on my plate.

Maja, a friend, told me she has booked tickets to korea for a month in oktober with a friend, and she ofcourse told me AFTERWARDS, adding a “you should totally join us”. Sure, let me join you when you have already booked everything and made plans…again. she did the same thing last year. But nontheless, I have friends in Korea that I miss so I decided to join them for the last two weeks (I have tickets to Rolling Stones on the 12th of oktober and I cant miss that) . I hope it turns out to be fun though… I’ll be hella mad if they leave me out, seeing as I am staying at a different place and all. 

Who knows, I can still cancel all the bookings, so no promises made yet. I just dont wanna fly all the way there just to be bored…

Oh well.


Missed my damn flight

Hi baby!

The wifi the nest morning was aa terrible as my trip home… -.-

The plane took off 45 minutes late from Antalya which resulted in me missing my plane from Istanbul to Stockholm. We landed in Istanbul 19.20 and my flight home was scheduled to leave 19.30… I obviously misses it. And yepp, tou probably guessed right; I had to wait over night for the next possible flight. Because it was the thw airlines fault, they paid for the new ticket and my stay at a nearby hotel + my meal that evening. 

What angered m the most is the fact that airplanes are almost never on time but the ONE TIME it managed to take off in time WAS WHEN I WAS LATE. I missed the damn plane by 5 minutes. I ran and was by the plane 19.35. 



Well, I was a bit mad but mostly glad I ended up “stuck” in my own home country. I was amongst my own people, I knew the language and thw country. If I needed help, I had family spread out all over the country that could help me. I just kept thinking “how scary or frustration must it not be to be stuck in a country if you know nothing about it and don’t speak the language nor english…

Oh well.

I landed yesterday 9.20 am and my dad picked me up from the airport and gave me a ride home. 

I am finally on my way to work now.

I missed the gym hahahahahah



At the mercy of the shitty wifi

Hi baby!

How have you been? 

It’s been a few days and I finally found a spot by the corner in our hotel room where the wifi is decent so I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you. 

We have been around the city quite a bit; we visited the old town with the remains of the castle ( kaleici), uc kapilar, Atatürk’s house here in Antalya and a few different shopping centres( Mark Antalya, Mall of Antalya and Outlet Deepo).

Sorry in advance; Im on my phone so I am unable to edit the photos and arrange them properly. 

The  old watch tower by the castle

Uc kapilar

Atatürk’s house here in Antalya and some of his belongings

I finished reading two books during my vacay here, btw~

I really recommend The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari to anyone who wishes to read a book with some spiritual guidance in it. 

How was your monday? Did it go well? I hope it didn’t tire you out too much. I hate it when you’re down :/

I’ll try to stand in the same corner tomorrow to post again.

Goodnight, my oreo cheesecake~



Day 1 in Porto Bello

Hi baby!

We arrived at the hotel yesterday around 22.30 (an hour later than planned) after much frustration and anger. Let me brake it down

1. Our seats from Stockholm to Istanbul had been sold to two other couples AS WELL and so we got “standby” tickets without seats. Seats were not given to us up until the moment before the plane was gonna take off.

2. Somethin was wrong with the landing platform at our destination in Antalya so the plane didn’t take off until an hour later. Then, once we arrived in Antalya, we could not exit the plane because the staircase to exit the plane was gone…so we couldn’t leave the damn plane.

3. Once that was solved and we got to exit the plane like 25 years later, NO ONE told us that our luggage was gonna be brought out IN A DIFFERENT TERMINAL than the one we arrived in. Because we transferred from an international flight to a domestic one, our luggage arrived in terminal 1 while we all landed in terminal D (God knows what number that one was attached to).   And this information was not given to any of us until after we all waited by the wrong luggage claim for 40 MINUTES. I fought the attendant that had the nerve to say the info was provided in Istanbul. I got so mad I cursed and made sure HE KNEW he was at fault. Arrogant piece of shit. To top it off we were given wrong directions to terminal 1 and had to walk around for another 20 minuter until we found it and could claim our shit. 

Thank god the taxi driver that we had pre booked was still waiting for us even though we were so late.

Today was a somewhat better day 🙂 

We swam, sat in the sun and I even got two hours of napping in around 16 ish.

I chose to rest today but tomorrow is Monday and I will be hitting the hotel gym. I hope it’s not packed though.

I am super excited to donate blood and then do my lucifer tattoo after the vacation ^^



Hi baby!

How have you been? Im on my way to the airport with mom.

I probably won’t find wifi on a daily basis so Ill make sure to post whenever I do find it 🙂 



Pre vacay todo-lists

Hi baby!

How was your day? Tomorrow is midsummer’s day in Sweden so I’m off work. Our teamleader for our department is on vacation so I have taken her place until she comes back. 

Im on my way home now, finally.

The ramazan celebrations begin on Sunday so I have to remember to repaint my nails, dress up and go visit the elders. Mom is gonna make lasagne so Im hella excited. I only eat my mom’s lasagne because no one else can even get close to hers. 

On another note, summer vacation is around the corner and I still haven’t bought everything I need…like sunscreen, a proper bikini set and an everyday bag. Because I always use my gym back, I don’t own regular every day bags for shit that doesn’t involve the gym. 😀 

Oh and I forgot to tell you yesterday; I can donate blood in August again so I can do my lucifer tattoo and my wonderwoman tattoo after that. 

Do you enjoy korean dramas? I just finished watching She Was Pretty from 2015 and oh my god was is not adorable and so so sweet. And ofcorse, the male lead actor had to be handsome to the point of no return.^^

You should watch it if you haven’t, sweetie ~~!

Oh and have you checked out Monsta X’s comeback song, shine forever? It was such a good song and the music video was even more so. I dont understand why they don’t distribute the lyrics more fairly but.. oh well.

Then again, BTS’ lyrics are almost never fairly distributed either, which is odd seeing as they ALL have powerful and beautiful voices.. :/



Back on my feet

Hi baby!

Ive been gone, mourning my loss and trying to stay strong in order to keep fasting. There’s only 3 days left and I am feeling a little less like the world is empty.

I have been trying my best to work out during ramadan and have been cutting during that period. I have gone from 65 kg to 62.5 kg and kept my muscles. I am hella ready to get back to working be like a horse until I can’t walk. 

I am on my way to work now, the weather’s kinda nice but it’ll most probably rain later in the afternoon.

How have you been, cupcake? Good? Have you eaten well?

I received ny newly placed order with bcaa energy drinks, bcaa and protein products yesterday. Im gonna bring my whey and casein to the vacation as well. 

You know me, there ain’t no rest for the wicked. ^^


Ramadan day 15

Hi love!

Im sorry for my continuous absence. Training while fasting is difficult and rather exhausting. As a cherry on top, I have spent the last week worried shitless for T.O.P and his health, praying for him and begging god to give me his pain. I would willingly suffer for him so he can rest. 

Just as I got the news that his health was on it’s way of improving, my uncle, the oldest one in the family, died. We lost him Thursday evening, and I have been unable to share my pain until now. He was like a grandpa to us all, you see; loved by everyone. We don’t know his exact age but he was around 70. The only thing soothing our painful loss is knowing that he is no longer suffering, he is no longer in pain and can rest in peace. Nothing will ever be the same and him being gone still feels surreal. 

Allah sevdiği kullarını erken alırmış. Huzur içinde yat, Osman Amcam benim.  ❤

And thank you god, for hearing our prayers and not taking T.OP from us yet. Thank you, lord. He has so much more to live, see and experience. Thank you, god.